bestial blade
兽 丛 之 刀
shou cong zhi dao

by priest

about bestial blade

the novel talks about a young boy who has the dream of learning how to hold and fight with a sword/knife.

and also talks about a boy who manages to transform himself into a beast.

the main one in the story is Chang An and his romantic partner would be Hua Yi. the story revolves around the daily lives of the two until tragedies happen to both and so begins the evolution of both.

slow romantic development and Hua Yi's 7-year difference to Chang An.

Hua Yi before the disaster: best boy and innocent teenager.
Chang An before the disaster: silent, innocent and ignorant child.

Hua Yi after the disaster: cold young man, bloodthirsty by instinct and survival, cautious but still kind.
Chang An after the disaster: he became a strong teenager, very keen hunting instincts but remains innocent and ignorant about the real world to some extent.

the bestial blade universe is one of fantasy, where men can transform into beasts.

are divided into three denominations:

  • beasts - men’s

  • sub-beasts - men’s

  • normal humans - women’s

there are mystical animals too and the world is divided by villages and their chiefs.

“two boys who were once innocent but are now prone to fight the evil and selfish world they live in.”

notice: there are many explicit scenes of violence, death and sexual abuse. the audio drama has a lot of sounds of people being killed, agony and suffering, so if you can't bear to watch it, if you are sensitive, be careful and please don't force yourself.

anyways, please support priest and her translators! they deserves!

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